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One-Click Apply HSBC Business Integrated Account | Open API for the Banking Sector

Brilliant Business Centre (BBC) | Serviced Office | Virtual Office | Company Incorporation | me Self-Service-Platform | Hong Kong
Brilliant Business Centre (BBC) | Serviced Office | Virtual Office | Company Incorporation | me Self-Service-Platform | Hong Kong Brilliant Business Centre (BBC) | Serviced Office | Virtual Office | Company Incorporation | me Self-Service-Platform | Hong Kong Brilliant Business Centre (BBC) | Serviced Office | Virtual Office | Company Incorporation | me Self-Service-Platform | Hong Kong

One Click Apply
HSBC Business Integrated Account

Brilliant Business Centre has always been working on saving your valuable time and effort.
bbc ‧ me has integrated with the Banking Open API that linked up with HSBC
to support an easier than ever account opening experience.
Clients using our company incorporation services, with simple authorization steps,
it can help you consolidate and submit the required information to HSBC to apply for a
Business Integrated Account.
The entire process takes only a few seconds and is FREE!
Simple, Secured & Smooth operation!


“It's the little details that are vital.”
Simplifying every single process to save every second of yours has always been one of our goals.

Submit application in seconds
By using bbc . me, you can use “One-Click Apply” function anytime anywhere
Consolidate information automatically
Our system will consolidate the information required and let you review before sending it to the bank.
Let the bank serves you
Once your information is submitted, stay relax and wait for bank confirmation.
Data Security
The submission is solely process by computers, no human involvement.
Making business operation and life so much easier
bbc ‧ me is a proud one-stop portal introduced by BBC for Virtual Office users to get all the daily operations under control by just a swipe on your mobile or tablet. Reminders on due date for filing any statutory documents, notices on the collection of mail / parcels on your behalf and forwarding options are all readily available on bbc ‧ me! Completely Free of Charge!
Records on mail & parcels received
Records on mail & parcels received
check out sender, recipient, forwarding agent info'
Mail to PDF
Mail to PDF
Read your mails / letters as soon as they come in
Parcel forwarding
Parcel forwarding
Have your parcel & mail forwarded to designated places
e-Fax service
e-Fax service
Faxes received will be saved in your account in PDF format
comply with all legal requirements
comply with all legal requirements
Important reminders on due date for filing statutory documents to meet compliance and avoid penalties
Service application and account management
Service application and account management
Check current service plan and apply for additional services with ease
Manage multiple accounts
Manage multiple accounts
Consolidate multiple company accounts under a single user account for closer management
Delegation is made easier than ever! Withdrawal is equally easy with just a click.
Online Documents
Online Documents
Check job status instantly e.g. BR registration / renewal
hassle-free recognition of your identity
Online Payment
Online Payment
Settle BBC bills via various means with ease
More handy functions
More handy functions
Waiting for you to explore!
  • 1. How can I use the “One-click Apply” function?
    Clients who have successfully incorporated their company (either Limited or Unlimited) by using our service plans in the past 3 years can login their me account and use the “One-click Apply” function!
  • 2. Do I have pay for using“One-click Apply” function ?
    No, using this function is FREE! Brilliant Business Centre does not charge for this arrangement.
  • 3. Does HSBC charges Commercial Account Application fee?
    Yes, there is Application fee, and it would be charged by HSBC directly. Please kindly consult HSBC's representative while making your appointment.
  • 4. Would there be a confirmation after the submission?
    Yes. There would be an application number showing on the me platform. If your me account is linked with email, you would receive a confirmation email too. Please note that the bank will email you for the next step of appointment booking regarding your application.
  • 5. I have not received any reply after submitting the information for a few days, who should I contact?
    If you have not received any email nor call from the bank, please contact HSBC at +852 2748 8238 during office hours Monday to Friday.
  • 6. I have more than one company in my me account, do I have to submit application one by one?
    Yes. Since different company is treated as different entity, you have to submit one by one.
  • 7. Does “One-click Apply” function guarantee successful bank account opening?
    No. Bank have final right in decisions regarding the acceptance of bank account opening and the corresponding appointment.
  • 8. I have already submitted my application via the “One-click Apply” function, but I want to cancel it, can I recall or halt my application?
    No. Since the system works in real-time, the application is sent simultaneously, there is no way to recall your application. The good news is, you can tell the bank to cancel your application when they contact you.
  • 9. My company is incorporated by BBC, but there is no “One-click Apply” function in my account. Why?
    Here are possible causes of the situation:
    A. The incorporation process of your company is not yet completed. Once it is completed, the function would show up.
    B. If you are an “Authorized User” instead of the “Owner” of that company account, you cannot use the function.
  • 10. What should I prepare and take when I go to the bank to process the application? Who can tell me?
    HSBC. Since the required documents, business proofs, requirements and arrangement may change in time. Please always follow the latest instructions from the bank.
  • 11. By using the “One-Click Apply” function, where will my company and personal data be transferred to? Is it safe?
    Once getting your authorization, your company’s information and your contact information would be sent via “Open API for the Banking Sector” from bbc me Platfrom to HSBC directly.
    The data will be encrypted during the transmission and would NOT be sent to any other third-party.
  • 12. What is Open Application Programming Interface (API) for the Banking Sector?
    The formulation of the Open API Framework is one of the seven initiatives announced by the HKMA in 2017 to prepare Hong Kong to move into a new era of Smart Banking. Open API allows financial institutions to open up their internal IT systems and data for programmatic access by third-party service providers (TSPs) or their counterparts in an open and documented manner.

    For details, please read:

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