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Unlimited Company Incorporation Terms & Conditions


  • This agreement is offered by Brilliant Business Centre Limited (Service provider) and accepted by the applicant of virtual office service (Customer), both executing those terms and conditions stated in this agreement.
  • This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region ("HKSAR") and the parties hereby irrevocably submit to thenon-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the HKSAR.
  • The Customer understands and agrees that they will have no right to occupy and access any part of the premises and any equipment orfacilities within the premises of the Service Provider under this agreement.
  • The Customer understands and agrees that if they use the registered address of the Service Provider to apply any license, they MUST get written approval from the Service Provider. Otherwise the Service Provider would terminate the service(s) with immediate effect and send objection to the related party.
  • The Customer shall not publish or use the provided address, telephone number and fax number without the prior authorization from theService Provider, before the commencement of services or after termination of services, or on behalf of a company or user not registeredwith the Service Provider. The Service Provider reserves all rights for claiming against all losses and expenses incurred.
  • Before the commencement of service, during suspension period, or any situation without the prior authorization, the Service Provider willreject all mails, parcels, fax or any other objects sent to the Customer and will not handle all calls from the assigned telephone number.The Service Provider is not responsible to notify the Customer of such delivery. 30 days after the termination of service, any mails,parcels, fax or any other objects sent to or left at any offices of the Service Provider shall be at the disposal of the Service Provider at its.
  • Under the following circumstances, the Service Provider reserves all rights to terminate services without any prior notice. The Service Providershall bear no legal responsibilities nor shall be liable for any claims or compensation for discontinuing services.
    • The Customer is running any business that is indentified as direct or indirect competition to the Service Provider.
    • The Customer has failed to settle any service fees, handling fees or reimbursements of postage, or to renew business registration on time; or to submit necessary documents required by the law of HKSAR;
    • In suspicion of the Customer is involving or carrying out a fraud and any illegal or improper activities;
    • In suspicion of the Customer is using provided services to hold any promotional sales or public recruitment events;
    • In suspicion of the Customer is transferring or assigning any or part of the services to any other parties, without the prior authorization from the Service Provider;
    • The customer, or any contact person(s) of the Customer is ordered to pay debt by phone calls, letters, by person, etc;
    • The Customer, or any contact person(s) of the Customer has caused any third party to disturb the operation at any service point of the Service Provider to claim for lost, protest, etc;
    • The Customer, or any contact person(s) of the Customer has caused the press and media to arrive at any service point of the Service Provider for interview, filming or taking photograph.
  • The Client shall acknowledge and agree in accordance with the Terms that the service provider does not guarantee to endorse an application for the Client regarding the declaration to including but not limited to the government and law enforcement agencies in relation to the use of our company’s registered address as the Client’s address. The service provider may require 7 to 14 days to review the relevant documents, and may induce additional charges for endorsing the associated documents. The service provider reserves the right to refuse to endorse any documents, and to submit the notification of termination of relevant authorization to the government and law enforcement agencies.
  • Should any disputes arise, the decision of the Service Provider shall be final.


  • The Customer acknowledges that due to the imperfect nature of verbal, written and electronic communications, the Service Provider is not responsible for any failure to render any service, any error or omission, or any delay or interruption of any service, the sole obligation is limited to the service charges during the affected period.
  • The Customer agrees to waive, and agrees not to make, any claims for damages, direct or consequential, including with respect to lostbusiness or profits, arising out of any failure to furnish any service, any error or omission with respect there to, or any delay orinterruption of services.
  • The Service Provider agrees that they are not allowed to sell or provide any information of the Customer to any third party withoutconsent from the Customer.


  • The first contract period will be the period started from the date of service commenced to the last date of the period covered within the first payment. The contract period will be extended according to the period covered of each payment of the Customer afterward, and the content of this agreement will be applicable within the extended contract period.
  • The customer is not allowed to terminate the services before the end date of the first contract period unless prior approval from the serviceprovider is obtained.
  • Service fee will not be refund for early termination.


    • The total volume of mails and parcels shall not exceed 53cm x 32 cm x 23cm (Sum of the length of the sides less than 108cm). The Service Provider reserves rights to refuse receiving further mails and parcels which volume exceed the prescribed size.
    • The Service Provider reserves the rights to refuse receiving any dangerous or illegal items for the Customer.
    • The handling charge of the parcel received for the Customer will be based on the storing time and the quantity, details as follows :
      collect within first 3-day after the email notification sent Free
      collect after the first 3-day HK$ 20 / day / item
    • The Service Provider shall not be liable if the stored items are lost, being stolen or damaged due to any reason during the storage period.
    • If the mail forwarding services is required, the Customer should state at the time of application. Otherwise, the Customer should notice the Service Provider by email or written notice afterward every time.
    • The Service Provider shall not be liable for any losses, damages, costs, claims and expenses of liabilities of whatever nature in mail forwarding.
    • All call forwarding services apply to local telephone number only.
    • If the designated number direct transferred by system is to be changed, a formal written notification should be submitted to the Service Provider on or before 1 working day prior to the effective day.
    • During the office hour, the telephone services provided by the Service Provider can be only used for receiving calls, leaving messages and transferring calls on behalf of the Customer, not including any services related to product inquiries, making quotations and customer services.
  • Customers are required to renew / terminate the service with the service provider 1 month before the expiry date of the service period.Otherwise, the deposit will be forfeited.
  • The Customer shall pay the fees before the due date specified on the relevant invoices, or the Service Provider has the right to suspend theservices to the Customer. The Customer has the responsibility to make sure that their payments are received and identified by the ServiceProvider before the due date specified on the relevant invoices.
  • If Customer requests to reactive the services which has been suspended by the Service Provider due to late payment or overdue situation,the Service Provider shall charge the Customer the service fees for the suspended period.
  • If the Customer requires to make amendments to service instructions, contents or location, a written notice should be given to the ServiceProvider to the amendment take place, related service fees shall apply.


  • The Customer acknowledge and understand a local private company is required to display its registered name in a conspicuous position from the registered office or business venue, The Customer / my company will have responsibilities for all penalties and legal liability from negligence.
  • The Customer has read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions and declared that the information filled and submitted are true and accurate in each and every respect.The Customer agree that Brilliant Business Centre Limited shall not be liable if the incorporation is rejected by Companies Registry. The Customer also accept that any payments for this service is non-refundable under any circumstances.
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